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Introducing Atlas Backruns

By Jacob Greene - FastLane Labs Atlas is a generalized execution abstraction protocol for building application-specific order flow auctions on the EVM. Because of its generality and flexibility, Atlas can be used for a number of execution abstraction use-cases such as backrun order flow auctions, OEV auctions, and intent auctions. All of these auction types can be purpose-built by application developers in what we call an Atlas Module. While developers can always write their own modules or fork


On ERC-4337, Intents, and MEV

A look into the overlap between account abstraction, intents and MEV, and important tradeoffs to consider when designing applications to take advantage of them.



Why we are building Atlas

Blockchains are governed by cause and effect. Their state only changes when something acts upon them to change it. This cause is usually a transaction. This means if something changes and we want to represent that in a blockchains state, we’re going to need a transaction. For example a user could decide they want to exchange one of their tokens for another, or the price of a token on another platform could change. These state changes have consequences. If a user interacts with a liquidity pool



Why We Are Building Poseidon

As the number of blockchains continues to proliferate we are faced with the challenge of both users and liquidity becoming increasingly fragmented across these platforms. Worse yet, this continues to degrade the already poor user experience Web3 apps are famous for. Picture this, you hear about some new app you want to use but quickly discover that it's on a blockchain you haven't heard of before. All your gas and tokens are somewhere else so you set about figuring out which bridge seems safe e



The Top Three Mistakes That Ruin Validators' Trustworthiness on Polygon

Trust is the bedrock upon which decentralized systems thrive. For Polygon Validators, maintaining trustworthiness is not just a matter of reputation; it's a critical factor that determines their success in the ecosystem. However, even the most seasoned validators can sometimes falter, making mistakes that can erode the trust they've painstakingly built. Let's delve into the top three mistakes that can jeopardize a validator's trustworthiness on the Polygon network. 1. Inadequate Infrastructu



The Biggest Challenges Facing Polygon Validators and How One Simple Thing Can Drastically Improve Delegator Retention

The Polygon network is becoming a big player in DeFi, offering scalability and low transaction costs. However, as the network grows, so do the challenges for validators. This article aims to shed light on the most pressing issues facing Polygon validators and how a simple solution can significantly improve delegator retention. The Validator's Dilemma Validators are the backbone of the Polygon network, responsible for validating transactions and creating new blocks. However, the role comes



3 Easy Fixes Validators Can Make to Attract More Delegators

Validators: Boost appeal with transparency, enhanced security, and optimal performance. Discover 3 fixes to attract more Polygon delegators.




The Changing Face of Delegator Preferences in the Age of Institutional Staking

Institutional staking is redefining delegator expectations on Polygon. For success, validators must prioritize security, governance, and long-term growth and more.



The Top 3 Mistakes That Ruin Validators Chances of Attracting More Delegators on Polygon

Learn how to navigate the top 3 pitfalls that Polygon Validators face in attracting more delegators. Get insights on zkEVM, improve your infrastructure, and meet institutional staker expectations.



3 Key Trends Boosting Revenue for Polygon Validators

Learn the 3 key trends boosting Polygon Validator revenue: zkEVM, institutional staking, and MEV. FastLane Labs offers proven strategies for growing your MATIC earnings with case studies from 26 leading Polygon Validators who produce over 30% of all blocks.




FastLane Feature Update Announcement: Websocket Support for the RPC

We're excited to introduce Websocket support for the RPC, a powerful addition to FastLane on Polygon.





Introducing FastLane on Polygon

FastLane is an easy-to-integrate MEV protocol that rewards participating validators for protecting the health of the Polygon blockchain.




Navigating FastLane Auctions Made Easier with the Searcher Explorer App

By Eddie Salcedo - FastLane Labs Greetings, FastLane Community! We are excited to introduce the Searcher Explorer App, our latest tool crafted specifically for our dedicated community of searchers. Our app enables you to delve deep into auction dynamics with a variety of features. It's easy to investigate bundles, searchers’ transactions, or opportunity transactions simply by using their unique transaction hashes. Understanding Opportunity Transactions You can view key information abou




FastLane Labs Announces Close of Seed Round

We're thrilled to announce that our company, FastLane Labs, has closed a $2.3M seed funding round, led by Multicoin Capital, with participation from esteemed venture capital firms including Polygon Ventures, Shima Capital, Delphi Ventures, Everstake Ventures, A41, and Symbolic Capital. This significant investment marks a pivotal moment in our journey and it underlines our dedication to safeguarding the Polygon blockchain’s network health and user experience. The funds from this seed round have