Announcing the Monad MEV Research Group



Gmonad. FastLane Labs is excited to announce the Monad MEV Research Group (MMRG), a loose coalition of validators, protocols, applications and MEV researchers who will help us research and test ecosystem-aligned MEV solutions on the Monad Testnet. Many well-known validators including Kiln, Chorus One, Twinstake, Luganodes , P2P, and Figment have agreed to help us research and develop ways of mitigating MEV on Monad, and we are inviting others interested in joining us to get in touch to join the MMRG. From analyzing and operating in other MEV ecosystems, we have some intuition on how MEV may manifest on Monad, but there is still substantial research to be done.

Monad is building one of the most exciting layer one blockchains and building one of the most tight-knit communities in crypto. It will be an EVM-compatible L1 with 1 second block times and finality, 10,000+ tps and extremely cheap transaction fees, achieved through a mix of innovations and pipelining at all layers of the stack, including deferred execution, parallel execution, a new high performance consensus algorithm called MonadBFT, and a new purpose-built blockchain database called MonadDB.

Monad’s cutting-edge design should offer an exciting new set of capabilities for EVM developers and their users. This research group will be committed to preserving the decentralization and censorship resistance of Monad, helping scale the throughput of the network, while mitigating the negative externalities of MEV. Specifically, we’ll focus on the mitigation of negative externalities like spam and sandwich attacks. 

With dozens of projects building on it already and testnet fast approaching, Mondalak Nation will need to contend with the problems that come with success and growth, and threats to UX, decentralization and performance. FastLane builds smart contract based MEV protocols to make DeFi usable and maintain it decentralized. Monad is blazing an important path towards a hyper-scale future and FastLane and the MMRG will be there on day one to help the Nads navigate MEV. 

To join the community, please fill out this brief form.