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By Eddie Salcedo - FastLane Labs

Greetings, FastLane Community!

We are excited to introduce the Searcher Explorer App, our latest tool crafted specifically for our dedicated community of searchers.

Our app enables you to delve deep into auction dynamics with a variety of features. It's easy to investigate bundles, searchers’ transactions, or opportunity transactions simply by using their unique transaction hashes.

Understanding Opportunity Transactions

A detailed look at an opportunity transaction using the Searcher Explorer App

You can view key information about an opportunity transaction, including the auction’s start and completion timestamps, the participating validator, the winning bid and its transaction hash, and the total number of bids an auction received.

All Bids, One Place

The Searcher Explorer App presents a comprehensive view of bids made to a particular opportunity transaction.

You can find details about your own bundle by entering your transaction hash in the search. The app allows you to inspect other searchers’ bids made to the same opportunity transaction, providing you with valuable auction insights and trends. Additionally, view each bid's relative position in the auction, the amount they bid, and more. If a bundle fails to make it to the auction, the app clearly details error codes and messages for easy troubleshooting.

Gain a deeper understanding of auction dynamics and your bundles with the Searcher Explorer App:

Best, The FastLane Labs Team